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You likely breathe easier when your kids go to school. Whether its getting them back into the classroom after a long summer or just on Monday morning after a long weekend, you might have some peace knowing your kids are in safe hands and getting the education they need.

However, you always know in the back of your mind that you can get a phone call or a note that disrupts your week. Sometimes that might be a notice� �that your kid or someone in your kids class has lice.

Your first reaction is likely to be of serious stress, but this is never the right move. Dealing with lice can be very annoying and eat up your precious time, but lice-removal is possible with the right products and services. Not only that, no one has to get their head shaved, their toys vacuum-sealed for weeks on end, or their home fumigated. If youre not sure what to do, turn to us to be your #1 lice removal clinic in Portland.

Let Us Handle Your Treatment

If you have been experiencing a lice infestation in your household and need to make sure that everyones head is clear, come in and visit us. Even if youve gone through every hair on your kids head on your own, just one lice egg that goes unnoticed can restart the whole infestation again. We use our own safe products to remove lice, which contain no harmful chemicals and are completely natural.

Our team can typically treat an entire family all at once, which is not only convenient for getting everyone back to their regular schedules, but also helps everyone relax in knowing any lice wont spread again because someone didnt get treated.

Quick And Convenient Service

We give you the opportunity to schedule appointments promptly and waste no time. We also keep all of our products that you can use in your own home in stock, either to buy in our location or order online and have shipped to you fast.

Whatever route to lice freedom is most convenient to you, it can be found with us! We guarantee our full service treatment, and make sure that all lice are gone with our frequent check-ups.

Why You Cant Ignore Lice

The first thing you should probably know about lice is there are body lice and head lice. Most of the time, when were talking about lice in the United States, its about head lice. Body lice carry diseases, live off humans, and infest clothing.

They live in areas that are unhygienic, which doesnt happen often in this country, and rigorous cleaning is usually enough to get rid of them, and thats why they dont happen here.

If you get told your kid or another kid around has lice, then its a case of head lice. Theyre annoying, but not particularly dangerous to the state of Oregon. The worst case scenario in even the most extreme cases is a potential scalp infection where excessive scratching might tear up the skin. Lice need human blood in order to live, so most die off of their human hosts inside a day. So, lice will die anywhere theres no human blood, be it on a stuffed animal, on a couch, or on bed sheets, by themselves within 24 hours.

What makes lice a problem is that they are contagious. Theyre not as contagious as you might be afraid they are, but theyre contagious enough that you can understand the worried looks from other parents if they find out your kid has lice. They cant fly or jump from one kids head to the next, but they do have the power to walk, and they will. Close contact between heads is necessary, but consider how tightly packed kids can be on school buses, the playground, or just clustered around an art project. Lice can quickly settle on a human head and lay eggs where its warm near the scalp.

Protect Your Home From Lice

louse egg treatment removal

As a lice removal Portland clinic serving our customers for many years, we have numerous ways in which you can use our products and services to free your family from the threat of lice. The first is if you want to take the do-it-yourself approach. We can certainly understand those that want to try and save money and handle their family health and safety on their own.

We have lice-repelling products that you can use if you want to rid your home of lice on your own, or more especially, if you want to protect your loved ones when there might be news of lice going around but you havent been hit yet and want to make sure that you arent.

In some cases, you might not get an email or text that your kid is personally affected, but might have spent time with someone that was. We offer a lice-detection kit that gives you the ability to look for louse and eggs to be sure that your child and home are free of the pests. We also offer lice-removal products that are safe to use, 100% natural, and work as quickly as they do effectively.

Experienced Treatment Staff

Never let lice stop you and your family from living a normal lifestyle. Whether you choose to protect your home on your own matters, use a DIY kit, or trust us for a full-service lice treatment, we are here to help whenever you need us. Get in contact with us by calling our phone number or using our contact form. We are here to offer you a professional lice free solution, so everyone can get back to a healthy & normal lifestyle.


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